Edelkrone launches app-controlled JibONE

Edelkrone launches app-controlled JibONE

Edelkrone has announced the JibONE, a new app-controlled smart jib that claims to be small enough to fit into your camera backpack.

Designed for mirrorless cameras or smaller DSLRs, the JibONE is compatible with Edelkrone’s HeadONE and HeadPLUS motorised heads, as well as all tripod heads.

The JibONE supports a payload of 5kg and can move your camera 50cm (20in) when fully extended.

What’s more, it can be set up to move vertically, horizontally or diagonally (at 22.5 degrees).

Made of stainless steel and aluminium, the JibONE also features built-in Bluetooth which, via a companion app, you can control speed, loop motion and more.

The Edelkrone JibONE price tag starts at $999/£771.

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