News |EDDYCAM unveils new elk-skin camera straps

EDDYCAM unveils new elk-skin camera straps


The world’s first range of elk-skin camera straps has now hit the market, and you probably won’t be shocked to learn that they’re Scandinavian.

EDDYCAM, launched by photographer and businessman Edlef Wienen, unveiled the new range of luxury camera straps which boast a 2.4mm thick, breathable skin.

Billed as hard-wearing, yet soft and warm, each strap features quintuple-stitched webbing and polypropylene connecting elements.

What’s more, EDDYCAM guarantees each strap for five years.

The EDDYCAM strap prices range from £109 to £189, and they come in eight different colours or 17 different colour combinations, with a variety of widths, lengths and configurations so that no two straps will be the same.

At the top of this page you can watch a short video on how they’re made.


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