News |EcoFlow River 2 offers compact portable power

EcoFlow River 2 offers compact portable power

Keep cameras, light and computers running even when working off grid

EcoFlow River 2

EcoFlow is of the market leaders in portable power stations and has just announced the release of the EcoFlow River 2. The new line of electric generators will be available in three versions River 2, River 2 Max and River 2 Pro. Like the compact River power stations, the new release has been designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible, making them an ideal solution for content creators who find themselves working in the field.

One of the big features of the original River and the excellent Delta 2 series was the speed at which the power stations could take on a charge, be that from solar, mains or through a 12v input. Again the EcoFlow River 2 utilises X-Stream technology that enables up to 360W of AC input while reducing power loss. This means that the new River 2 series can charge 30% faster than the original River, with a full charge being possible in as little as 60 minutes.

Inside the Power generator, EcoFlow has focused on the storage technology with LFP (LiFePO4) batteries. These offer excellent durability and life and will be able to perform 3,000 cycles through the lifespan of the product; this is far in excess of the industry standard. The aim is that owners of the EcoFlow River 2 should be able to rely on their system for almost 10 years, dependent on use and load of course.

While the fastest charging comes through mains power, the EcoFlow system has been developed to work alongside solar. Using the 220W EcoFlow portable panels, the River 2 will charge to full capacity in between 3 and 6 hours, the River 2 Max in 3 to 6 hours and River 2 Pro between 3.5 and 7 hours.

The River series of generators has always been aimed at the entry market. With the advanced in technology, EcoFlow has actually managed to drop the price of the new versions. The River 2 will retail for £269/299 Euros, the River 2 Max for 599 Euros and the River 2 Pro for £749/799 Euros.

When it comes to specifications the River 2 offers, 258Wh, 300W with X-Boost to 600W, the River 2 Max 512Wh, 500W or 1000W with X-Boost and the River 2 Pro 768Wh, 800W or 1600W with X-Boost.

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