DxOMark to start scoring smartphone audio performance

iPhone video tips the next step

DxOMark Image Labs has announced DxOMark Audio, a new scoring system designed to assess smartphone audio quality.

DxOMark tested seven smartphones from five different manufacturers to initiate its new audio scoring and found that the Huawei Mate 20 X takes the top spot with 75 points.

The iPhone XS Max and new iPhone Pro Max placed second and third with 74 and 71 points, respectively. The iPhones are followed by the Samsung duo Note10+ and S10+ which are separated by only one point.

DxOMark says it has launched the new audio scoring system due to the increased demand from consumers for video performance from their smartphones. DxO says:

We have broken down the different audio quality attributes into sub-attributes. We calculate the scores for all sub-attributes and combine them into attribute scores which all feed into the overall score. Just as for our image quality tests, DXOMARK uses an open scale scoring system, which means as the quality of both speakers and microphones improves, the scores will also increase. This not only allows us to rank contemporaneous devices, but also allows us to rank and compare future devices with older smartphones