DxO to release Nik Software in June, comments on DxO Labs bankruptcy

DxO launches PhotoLab 1.1, now compatible with Lightroom Classic

DxO has issued a statement clarifying that DxO Labs is under bankruptcy protection and restructuring its business but will still release the Nik Software Collection in June.

DxO Labs was thrown into the spotlight last week after customers reported receiving emails from the company stating it had been ‘placed under a regime of judicial administration.’

DxO confirms that its software company, DxO Labs, has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection and is restructuring the business. Despite this, DxO says the process should only take a few weeks and that DxO Labs will still release the Nik Software Collection in June.

DxO Labs bought the Nik Collection from Google just last year. DxO’s statement reads:

On March 7, 2018, DxO Labs chose to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection and is now in the process of restructuring the business.

We are very confident that this procedure, which should not last for more than a few more weeks, will not affect our customers in any way. In fact, we are pleased to announce the following upcoming product releases:

In June, we will release a free update (version 1.2) of our flagship software, DxO PhotoLab. Recently awarded the TIPA 2018 Award for Best Image Processing Software, this latest version of DxO PhotoLab will include improved local correction features, and will add support for 7 cameras, including the Canon EOS 2000D and the Sony A7 III. This release will also be an opportunity for us to reiterate our commitment to the “perpetual license” model (as opposed to a subscription model) that allows our customers to update their products according to their needs, rather than in a constrained manner.

In June, we will release the new version of the Nik Software Collection, which DxO acquired from Google at the end of 2017. Much awaited by the Nik software community, this first “by DxO” version focuses on fixing bugs that up until now could disrupt the user experience, as well as on ensuring full compatibility with the latest Mac OS and PC platforms.

Thank you for your understanding and confidence,

The DxO Team

Via Photo Rumors