News |DxO releases PhotoLab 2.2

DxO releases PhotoLab 2.2

DxO release PhotoLab 2.2

DxO are imaging experts with a long line of industry-leading software. From product analysis to imaging editing and enhancement, DxO has it covered.

PhotoLab 2.2 is the latest release of their flagship image editor and pulls on their experience and expertise over the years.

As you delve into the software, it’s apparent from the outset that this software has been designed with photographers and image quality at its heart.

Launched initially as a comprehensive RAW converter and optical correction tool, PhotoLab 2.2 is now far more.

Features such as the DxO PhotoLibrary enable complete image management with search, tagging and filtering options.

These additions join the advanced editing tools which with the optical adjustments are fine-tuned to specific cameras.

Now that support for specific camera models has been expanded with the addition of four new cameras.

The Nikon Z6, Canon EOS Rm Canon EOS M50 and DJI Mavic 2 Zoom.

This expanded list of supported camera models takes the full list to over 400 cameras.

We’ll take a full indepth look at the software soon. For more information and details check out

DxO release PhotoLab 2.2
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DxO release PhotoLab 2.2
DxO release PhotoLab 2.2 an update to the powerful image editor. Four cameras have been added to the support list including the Nikon Z6 and Canon EOS R.
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Camera Jabber
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