News |DxO ONE firmware update adds raw capture to iPhones

DxO ONE firmware update adds raw capture to iPhones

DxO ONE firmware update adds raw to iPhones

DxO has announced a firmware update to its DxO ONE camera, adding support for raw capture and processing.

The new firmware update to DxO’s ONE camera offers RAW support in iOS 10, enabling a one-touch transfer of DxO ONE RAW files to the iOS Photos library where they can be processed on-the-go.

The update is available free to all DxO ONE users, and the update also enables direct Wi-Fi remote control.

Version 2.1 launches just under three months after DxO debuted its 2.0 firmware update that introduced Wi-Fi to the camera.

Until now, post processing RAW images from the DxO ONE meant you had to import them to a desktop computer.

With version 2.1 the DxO ONE camera can transfer raw photos direct to the iPhone for editing in Google Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom Mobile and other popular iOS photo editing sofwater applications that have embraced support for mobile RAW image processing.

Other enhancements in firmware version 2.1 are that DxO says it has introduced a lighter and faster recording speed for RAW files, which squeezes an average of 30% more storage space out of existing microSD cards.

The new firmware update also adds a direct Wi-Fi connection that provides full remote control over the DxO ONE camera even when no existing Wi-Fi network is available.

The DxO ONE 2.1 iOS app and companion Apple Watch app will be released later this month as free software updates via the iTunes App Store.


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