News |DxO launches FilmPack 6 with new film effects, Fujifilm X-Trans support

DxO launches FilmPack 6 with new film effects, Fujifilm X-Trans support

DxO launches FilmPack 6 with new films, effects, support for Fujifilm X-Trans cameras

DxO has announced FilmPack 6, a much anticipated update to its film simulator software which brings new film effects and renderings, as well as support for Fujifilm X-Trans cameras.

Last updated in 2015, DxO FilmPack 6 is standalone software that can also be integrated into the new DxO PhotoLab 5. FilmPack aims to recreate the hues, saturation, contrast and grain of 84 authentic analog films, including Kodak Tri-X 400, Polaroid 690, Ilford HPS, and Fujifilm Superia.

Fifteen new film effects include Extachrome Professional Infrared EIR colour slide film, the monochrome instant film for the Polaroid 600 camera, IMPOSSIBLE PX 600 SILVER SHADE and seven film simulation modes from Fujifilm X-series digital cameras, along with six cinema renderings inspired by cinematographic colour grading.

Among 20 new creative effects are drops and crumpled paper, light leak effects such as spots, haze and zoom, and 15 new frames, including matte, black and film border.

FilmPack 6 also has a new colour rendering engine based on eight channels (rather than the previous six) for more precise control over colour rendition. Users can select a hue in the highlights or shadows of an image, combine colours and create split-toning effects.

Another new feature called Time Machine groups a series of iconic images from 14 periods of history. Each photograph is analysed from a technical perspective and users are shown how they can create a similar render to apply to their own images.

The DxO FilmPack 6 price will be £48.99 for the Essential Edition and £99.99for the Elite Edition from now until 14 November 2021. After this date the FilmPack 6 price tags jump to £75 and £129, respectively.

The Essential Edition allows you to register the software on two machines, while the Elite Edition allows for three.


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