News |Douchebags “The Backpack” Travel bag has arrived

Douchebags “The Backpack” Travel bag has arrived


Travel bags are the new camera accessory trend, and they’re certainly redefining how a camera bag should look and work.

Douchebags, or Db as they often know, has just launched “The Backpack” which offers travellers a decent camera bag solution.

The new bag adds to Db’s range of bags and features a modular design, making it a part of a larger modular system. This means that it can clip onto the larger wheeled travel bags for longer trips and offers a series of optional inserts that will enable you to tailor the use of the bag to your needs.

The CIA is the camera insert and offers plenty of room for a Sony A7 with 24-70mm fitted, a couple of filters, a small spare lens and 100-400mm zoom lens.

Once in the bag, there’s still room for a few extras for the day as well.

But, that’s not all. Unlike many other modular systems, Db has thought about the journey and the CIA insert can be clipped to the back of the pack rather than inside.

This means that as you’re travelling to your destination, you can fill the bag with your travel clothes and keep your camera protected in the insert of the exterior of the pack.

Finally, breaking away for the usual black option for camera bags the “The Backpack” is available in bright orange. The pack will go on sale for $179, and the CIA insert is available for $79.

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Douchebags "The Backpack" Travel bag has arrived
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Douchebags "The Backpack" Travel bag has arrived
Travel backpacks are the latest trend and the offering from bag manufacturer Db certainly stands out. It utilises a modular design with the CIA insert.
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