News |DJI Zenmuse XT2 Thermal Imaging camera announced

DJI Zenmuse XT2 Thermal Imaging camera announced

DJI Zenmuse XT2

DJI is known for everything drone, from the flying machines through to the gimbals and cameras. The latest addition to the DJI family is the Zenmuse XT2 an all-new Thermal Imaging Camera.

For the most part as a drone flyer, especially if it’s just for fun, then the XT2 will have little appeal. For those who fly professionally, the XT2 has a lot to get excited about.

Rather than a standard image the Zenmuse XT2 is a thermal camera and has been developed alongside FLIR systems as part of a long-running partnership.

The new camera enables operators to capture heat signatures that aren’t visible to the naked eye. This type of camera is already in wide use by the emergency services, disaster recovery, industrial inspection and farming.

For anyone running their own drone business, the Zenmuse XT2 will open up possible new revenues of income.

The Zenmuse XT2 features a gimbal stabilised dual-sensor design that combines FLIR® radiometric thermal imager and 4K visual camera enabling the operator to see both thermal and visual imagery at the same time.

This dual visual has been further enhanced by FLIR MSX® technology that enables the combination of the visual and temperature data into one image, giving a better overall picture and making it easier to pinpoint areas of interest.

Adding to this is DJI’s unique Spotlight Pro features that enable operators to focus on safe flight operations and data interpretation while the camera automatically tracks an object through two intelligent flight modes.

These modes are QuickTrack that centres the camera on a selected area, the other mode is HeatTrack which will automatically track the hottest object in view.

A feature that sounds like something straight out of the movies is the Temp Alarm which interprets thermal data in real-time. Once that temperature hits critical thresholds, it alerts the operator.

The Zenmuse XT2 has been designed to be compatible with DJI’s Matrice 200 Series and Matrice 600 Pro enterprise drones.

It will be compatible with the DJI Pilot mobile app for Android and later for the DJI XT Pro mobile app for iOS devices.

The Zenmuse has been built to withstand professional use and has an IP44 ingress protection rating that enables it to be flown in a wide variety of conditions including rain, snow, smoke and fog.

The 12-megapixel visual camera, it is available in two thermal sensor resolutions of 640 x 512 or 336 x 256, with 9mm, 13mm, 19mm, and 25mm lenses.

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DJI Zemuse XT2 Thermal Imaging camera announced
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DJI Zemuse XT2 Thermal Imaging camera announced
DJI has announced the DJI Zemuse XT2 Thermal Imaging camera system that combines thermal and standard imaging sensors, designed for professional drone operators.
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