News |DJI Spark firmware update adds new video, photo features

DJI Spark firmware update adds new video, photo features

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DJI has unveiled a series of new video and photo features for its entry-level camera drone via a new DJI Spark firmware update.

The DJI Spark firmware update adds the following new features:

  • A new gesture to start and stop video recording
  • Enhanced QuickShot video features for more cinematic control
  • A 180-degree photo shooting mode and improved photo image resolution

DJI says it believes the update will make Spark even simpler to use. The new Record gesture, for instance, allows users to start and stop video recording with a simple arm movement.

How to do the Spark’s Record hand gesture

  1. To perform the Spark’s Record gesture, stand within 2 meters of the drone and raise one arm out to your side until it is approximately 45 degrees above parallel with the ground.
  2. The Spark’s front LEDs will now slowly blink red when the drone recognises the Gesture video mode.
  3. The front LEDs will then blink quickly, indicating the camera is ready to record.
  4. Perform the hand gesture again to stop recording.

With the new QuickShot feature the DJI Spark will automatically fly along a preset flight path while recording a short video and tracking a subject along the way.

Users can now control which circular direction the drone flies during Circle and Helix modes with the new firmware update giving them more cinematic control when filming.

DJI says it’s other QuickShot modes have also been improved by increasing the height gained during Dronie mode and smoothing out the camera’s pitch in Rocket mode.

DJI has also given Spark a new 180 mode that stitches 21 individual photos together to capture 180-degree panoramic images. This is in addition to Spark’s existing Vertical and Horizontal Pano modes.

DJI says it has also improved the resolution when shooting in ActiveTrack and Gesture Modes to capture images at 12-megapixel resolution of 3968 x 2976 pixels.

The DJI Spark firmware update also gives the drone better responsiveness to input from the remote controller, DJI says, as well as enhanced connectivity between the aircraft and remote controller and flight logging for the Intelligent Battery system.

To add the features, users must download and install the latest firmware on their drone and remote controller, which also updates the firmware on the Spark’s Intelligent Battery system.

Users must also download and use the latest DJI GO 4 mobile app, available for Android and iOS devices.

The entry-level drone is aimed at people who have never used a drone before and offers features like a 3D Sensing System and a series of QuickShot Intelligent Flight Modes that for creating different types of aerial videos.

Its signature features, however, are its Gesture Mode and PalmControl, which allow users to control Spark with hand movements.

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