DJI Phantom 5 could boast interchangeable lens camera

DJI Phantom 5 could boast interchangeable lens camera

Leaked pictures of what could be the DJI Phantom 5 drone appear to show an interchangeable lens camera mounted underneath.

The leaked images are admittedly very ropey at best, but they do clearly show a DJI-branded interchangeable lens camera on what appears to be a drone.

DJI has claimed that the images are of a ‘custom machine’, according to OsitaLV, which found the images. OsitaLV writes on Twitter:

DJI said that the leaked photo of P5 is a customized drone for designated users, not for sale. If so, these photos should appear long ago and DJI won’t be able to make any profit, even not enough for die-sinking. I think Frank Wang the CEO of DJI won’t do such stupid thing.

Zenmuse DL mount

As a reader in the comments over at Photo Rumors points out, this appears to be a new lens mount, as well, not another iteration of the DL mount introduced with the Zenmuse X7.