DJI Phantom 4 collides with US Army helicopter

DJI Phantom 4 collides with US Army helicopter

A DJI Phantom 4 camera drone collided with a US Army Black Hawk helicopter near New York in September 2017, according to a newly released government report of the incident.

On 21 September 2017 Vyacheslav Tantashov’s Phantom 4 failed to return to his position near Hoffman Island after he flew it some 2.5 miles away towards Brooklyn.

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The drone was about 280 feet in the air when it collided with the US Army helicopter, which was flying low at around 300 feet, the National Transportation Safety Board says in its report.

The drone was ruined, but part of it became lodged the Black Hawk’s cooling fan, and because the serial number was visible the US government was able to locate Tantashov.

Because he wasn’t connected to WiFi Tantashov failed to notice that the area was under a Temporary Flight Restriction.

There was no word on whether Tantashov faced any penalties.

Via PetaPixel, Arstechnica

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