News |Discount Offer: 50% off learning photography with Michael Freeman

Discount Offer: 50% off learning photography with Michael Freeman

Discount Offer: 50% off learning photography with Michael Freeman 2

We have an exciting opportunity for anyone wishing to learn more about photography with an online course. Learning with Experts wants to study how people interact with eachother and their tutor on their photography courses. As a result they’d like to find 10 people who would be happy to learn together in one class.

A select group of Camera Jabber visitors will be able to take Michael Freeman’s widely respected Photography Foundation Course at Learning with Experts with a 50% discount. However, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a practising (or aspiring) photographer (ideally not formally qualified)
  • Not have experienced Learning with Experts before
  • Be willing to share your experience on social media

Tips from the Jessops GoPro Course

50% off learning photography with Michael Freeman: What you get

This is an experiment, so Learning with Experts wants follow your progress, how you learn and how you interact as a group as well as understand how you interact with your tutors.

You will get feedback from Michael Freeman personally.  If more than 10 people want to do this, you will be split you into groups – it’s the group dynamic that Learning with Experts wants to study.

You have to pay something towards the course, but our 50% discount brings it down to just £192.50. What’s more, Learning with Experts will give you a 50% discount on any other photography courses that you wish to take. These feature lessons from some of the World’s most respected photo experts including Heather Angel, David Tipling, Clive Nichols and Tony Worobiec, and again you will get person feedback from your tutor.

This video gives you a taste of the first lesson in Michael Freeman’s Photography Foundation Course.

How to sign-up

To sign-up, simply email

Once you’ve registered your interest and there enough participants, Elspeth will send you the code to access the classes.


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