Detu MAX 3D 360 camera can capture 12K images, 8K video

Detu MAX 3D 360 camera can capture 12K images, 8K video

Detu has launched the MAX – price tag $3,599 – a 360 camera aimed at professional users which can capture 3D VR footage as well as 12K images and 8K videos.

The Detu MAX can also live stream (both wired via an Ethernet cable and wirelessly) directly to YouTube, Facebook and all other platforms that enable 360 footage. What’s more, the MAX’s live streams are possible over 2.4G and 5G in dual band WiFi networks.

The Detu MAX comes equipped with an AI chip for creating UHD real 3D VR images. The AI chip also enables real-time face tracking to capture realistic 3D portraits. The Detu MAX also stitches images and videos in-camera.

The Detu MAX has also been designed with an aluminium frame that the company says dissipates the heat efficiently to preserve the life of the 4800mAh lithium-ion battery, which is removable and provides up to 60 minutes of continuous shooting.

Other features include four built-in microphones for spatial audio and five direct control buttons on the camera body.

Detu MAX Specs

360 photos

Maximum at 7680×3840 (8K) (real-time stitching or post-processing stitching)

12K ultra-high definition based on deep learning algorithm

360 videos

Maximum at 7680×3840@30fps (8K) (post-processing stitching)

Maximum at 3840×1920@30fps (4K) (real-time stitching/live-streaming)

Maximum at 3840×1920@60fps (4K) & Maximum 3840×1920@120fps (4K) high-speed recording H265/H264 video coding

360 3D photos

Maximum at 3840×3840 (2x4K) (real-time stitching)

Maximum at 7680×7680 (2x8K) (post-processing stitching)

360 3D videos

Maximum at dual 3840×3840@25fps (2x4K) (real-time stitching/live-streaming)

Maximum at7680x7680@30fps (2x8K) (post-processing stitching)


Photo format: RAW, JPEG

Video format: MP4


F2.2 195° x 195° fisheye lenses x 8


Sensor HDR and digital HDR


6-axis anti-shaking (real-time and post-processing)



White Balance

Auto and manual (2500K-10000K)