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Desktop video editing with GoPro’s latest app Review

GoPro video editing

img_1446 GoPro have long led the action camera market, with the compact video camera that will go with you anywhere. Yet despite the quality until now it’s been a real pain to get that video bashed into shape and uploaded.

The editing issue has finally been solved with the acquisition of two new apps by GoPro; Quik a handy auto video editor and Splice, a mobile app that packs some serious video editing clout.

The Splice mobile app is available for iOS devices and enables you to cut clips together, trim the length, add music, effects and titles. The end results is surprisingly professional and there’s plenty of scope to customise the look of your videos.

An initial play with the app shows that Splice really is easy to use, and the guys at GoPro have gone to lengths to make the entire editing experience simple and fast. At each stage from downloading your footage from your GoPro through to uploading and sharing to your favourite social network the workflow is smooth and easy to understand.

The best part of all is Splice is completely free and compatible with all sorts of video files. So wether you have a GoPro or not Splice really is well worth checking out.

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