News |Delkin XQD Memory Cards & XQD Adapter released

Delkin XQD Memory Cards & XQD Adapter released


XQD is the future of camera memory with the latest Nikon cameras already supporting the format. Memory experts Delkin has just announced new XQD Memory Cards and an XQD Adapter.

The cards are 2933X XQD, these offer blazing fast write speeds of up to 400MB/s. These speeds are required by the latest cameras from Nikon, Sony and Phase One and can keep up with the high demands placed on storage when writing the latest cinematic formats.

Delkin’s Premium range of XQD memory cards is capable of writing DCI 4K and full HD at 180fps. It’s not just video with the latest hiresolution camera the Delkin XQD is the ideal choice able to write at speeds that make capturing 200 RAW files in burst mode possible.

In recent tests carried out by Delkin on the Nikon D500, it showed that the XQD card was able to capture 47% more uncompressed RAW files than the fastest SD card.

Delkin is known for the quality of their memory, and as with your camera, each XQD card features a unique serial number that enables Delkin to offer high levels of customer service.

Each card is offered with a Lifetime Warranty and a uniquely built-in insurance policy. Essentially Delkin will replace any non-working card within 48 hours (Not including weekends), and the cards can also be replaced directly at any authorised Dleking XQD reseller.

As well as the card Delkin will also be shipping their new USB 3.1 XQD adapter to ensure ultra-fast transfers.

This adapter offers transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps that’s twice the speed of USB 3.0.

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Delkin XQD Memory Cards & XQD Adapter released
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Delkin XQD Memory Cards & XQD Adapter released
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