News |Delkin Devices Black CFexpress Type B Card Launched

Delkin Devices Black CFexpress Type B Card Launched

Delkin Devises BLACK CFExpress

Delkin Devices are renowned for its next-generation flash memory, and the company’s latest Black CFExpress Type-B card has been designed to meet the demands of imaging professionals.

The Delkin Black CFExpress Type-B offers some of the fastest transfer speeds on the market, making the cards ideal for high demand industries.

This new card can sustain sequential write speeds of at least 1400MB/s and higher depending on capacity. This speed level is required for the latest cameras to capture cinema-quality video, including DCI 8K RAW 12-Bit @ 30fps (2600 Mbps) in the Canon R5.

Sequential data writing of this speed makes the card ideal for use when filming weddings, sporting events and concerts where you only have one chance to get the shot.

Alongside the ultra-fast write speeds, the Delkin Black CFExpress Type-B is capable of 1730MB/s read speeds. This read speed will ensure that data is copied from the card to your machine quickly, ready for editing.

“With more camera manufacturers deciding to integrate support for CFexpress™ Type B memory cards into their new camera models, we felt the need to provide camera owners with a card that they could trust to protect and preserve their precious memories,” says Jenn Sherry, Delkin’s Retail Sales & Marketing Manager, “As cameras continue to advance and new data-heavy modes are introduced, it has become even more important for storage mediums to be able to keep up. We believe that BLACK CFexpress™ is the solution for complete video capture, just as the creator envisioned.”

Delkin thoroughly tests every Black CFEcpress Type-B memory card to ensure function and performance. Testing is carried out using high-end cameras such as the Canon C300 III, C500 II, 1D X Mark III, R5, Nikon D6, Z6 II and Z7 II.

Many cameras designed for use with XQD cards will also accept CFEXpress, but it’s worth checking with your camera’s manufacturer to see if this is possible; a firmware upgrade may be called for.

Delkin has one last feature that makes the Delkin Black CFExpress Type-B stand out from all other CFExpress cards.

As part of the BLACK range, the card comes with a “Lifetime Warranty”, this additional insurance policy is known as the “48-hour Replacement Guarantee”. This means that if the card fails, Delkin will replace that card, in the UK or US, within 48-hours or less.

Additional information on Delkin Black can be found here:


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