News |Datacolor SpyderX releases next generation calibration

Datacolor SpyderX releases next generation calibration

Datacolor SpyderX

Colour experts Datacolor today announced the arrival of the next generation calibration device the SpyderX.

Available in two versions the SpyderX Pro 179€/£156 and SpyderX Elite 279 €/£243 both ship with the same hardware with the difference being in the advanced software used.

Outwardly aside from a change in colour, from black to white, the new SpyderX hardware initially looks much the same. But, there have been major design tweaks and technology enhancements.

This is the first Spyder to feature a lens-based colour engine and this has significantly increased the precision, colour accuracy and low light capabilities.

For anyone used to using monitor calibration the big step forward for the new system is the speed with the calibration process taking less than two minutes.

The look and style of the software remain much the same as the previous generation enabling fast navigation and an easy to use workflow.

One big feature of the Datacolor range is the product support, so if you have a question about the use of the product then their customer support is fast and exceptionally helpful.

Datacolor SpyderX Pro

Designed for photographers of all levels the entry point Datacolor SpyderX Pro offers features that will suit the majority of users.

Through the Pro software, you can calibrate your monitor in a couple of minutes, be that desktop, laptop or both.

Analysis your display to check that it’s working as it should be, and over time you can check how the display is functioning or degrading.

You can also SpyderProof, so you can check different display calibrations so you can see how the different settings will affect the onscreen visuals. This is ideal for proofing prints, checking video and graphics prior to sending them off.

For the majority of photographers and videographers, the SpyderX Pro will provide all the tools they need.

Datacolor SpyderX Elite

Packing in the same features as the Pro version the Elite will appeal to Pro level photographers and graphics professionals.

As well as everything that the Pro version features the Elite option enables more custom features. That enables you to tune the monitor’s calibration further to your needs.

It also features essential options to calibrate all monitors within a studio and check the integrity of an entire montors screen.

The enhancements offered by the Elite version over the Pro version are all aimed at the pro market where swapping files between computers, monitors and people is commonplace.

The expert console enables you as a studio manager to get into the calibration of all of your photographers or designers needs and calibrate profiles that can be shared.

There’s video and cinema calibration targets as well as soft proof and print results.

Both SpyderX models provide the latest technologies as well as fantastic support. For more information check out

Datacolor SpyderX releases next generation calibration
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Datacolor SpyderX releases next generation calibration
Datacolor announce the release of the Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Elite. These are next generation monitor calibrators with greater accuracy than ever before.
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