News |Datacolor Spyder5 gets 64-bit update

Datacolor Spyder5 gets 64-bit update


Apple has updated their base OS to Catacline macOS 10.15 and with it comes a scattering of new surface features and a significant change below the surface.

The interface may look the same, but support for 32-bit applications has gone. What this means is that many applications that you have come to rely on over the years will without warning stop working.

However, for developers, this type of update has been rumoured for some time, and most have developed their latest apps to be fully 64-bit.

This is all fine, but what if you’re using applications that are a generation behind but still perfectly good.

You could upgrade, but when there’s hard involved as well, the cost can quickly escalate. Thankfully companies such as Datacolor have issued a recent update to the Spyder5 software, which means that the older Spyder5 monitor calibrators will work with Apple’s latest OS.

The upgrade is free and can be downloaded from

If you’re already upgraded to the latest monitor calibrator the SpyderX then there’s no need to worry. The new hardware is cutting edge and already operates in a 100% 64-bit environment.

More information about the SpyderX can be found at

Datacolor Spyder5 gets 64-bit update
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Datacolor Spyder5 gets 64-bit update
Datacolor Spyder5 gets 64-bit update inb the wake of Apple's macOS Catalina 10.15 update. This makes the software 100% 64-bit compatible.
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Camera Jabber
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