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HOW TO... Datacolor Spyder5+ adds 1-click calibration for ambient light

Datacolor Spyder5+ adds 1-click calibration for ambient light

Datacolor has updated its popular Spyder5 calibration software, introducing a new 1-Click Calibration feature for automatic ambient light switching.

The Spyder5+ upgrade is available for all existing and new customers and adds what Datacolor calls Automatic Room Light Switching to ensure that a user’s monitor profile changes – with no activity required by the user – as the light conditions in the room change.

Datacolor’s 1-Click Calibration then aims to streamline ones workflow further with a single click to start the calibration process without having to re-select saved settings.

A new Profile Management Tool gives users the ability to edit, remove, rename, locate and activate each display profile. for ultimate control and flexibility.

These features are available to users who purchase the Spyder5PRO+ package. When you upgrade to the Spyder5ELITE+ option you will also gain access to Spyder SoftProof, which the company says improves “Screen-to-Output” matching with a new workflow to simulate how photos will look on any printer or device – including home printers, online or retail printers, and some mobile devices.

The Spyder5ELITE+ also adds an Enhanced StudioMatch tool which Datacolor says verifies precise monitor matching, as well as the option to calibrate your displays to video standards, including Rec. 709 and Rec. 2020.

Spyder5ELITE+ also includes unlimited choices for white point, gamma and luminance, as well as a fine-tune gray calibration features.

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