News |Datacolor Spyder Checkr Photo: price, specs, release date revealed

Datacolor Spyder Checkr Photo: price, specs, release date revealed


Today Datacolor announced that it is expanding the Spyder Checkr product range and will be introducing the compact Spyder Checkr Photo. This all-new ultra-portable colour checker is pocket-sized and acts as the perfect go-anywhere colour reference tool for camera colour correction.

The new Spyder Checkr features a tough plastic folded wallet design that protects the colour chart while it’s being transported.

One of the new colour charts’ big new features is the ultra-matte colour patches, these are ideal for colour referencing in all conditions as they minimise light reflection.

Unlike some colour charts the Spyder Checkr isn’t simply designed to work in isolation, although it can on a basic level. Along with the release of the Spyder Checkr Photo, there will also be accompanying software that includes hue, saturation and luminance referencing and correction. The data collected by the software is calculated from a reference shot and the resulting process data is available as an HSL preset that can be used in applications such as Adobe Lightroom Classic to enable fast colour correction.

The preset, once created, enable you to streamline workflows and ensures colour consistency across your images before starting on the more focused post-production.

Using one of the four charts that the Spyder Checkr contains enables you to optimise your image quality based on the colour characteristics of individual lenses, different cameras, and systems. This is where the Spyder Checkr Photo shows its strengths, where camera and where RAW converters such as Adobe ACR automatics reach their limits.

Because by using the Spyder Checkr you’re fine-tuning the colour results for your camera and lens combination, you will be able to tackle challenging subjects that include specific brand colours, monochromatic scenes, pastel colours, low and high key shots or portraits with finely graded skin tones, that automatic systems often don’t deliver satisfactory results.

The Spyder Checkr Photo has the advantage over a standard white balance or grey card due to this close relationship with the software, where individual colours are analysed for the most accurate correction results.

Spyder Checkr Photo offers Datacolors the most comprehensive collection of colour targets with 62 target patches in 4 interchangeable cards for all types of photography:

Expanded skin tones for portraits; large targets for easy white/grey balancing.
24-step grey scale for perfect exposure and instant dynamic range check.

“Photographers have long been asking for more matte colour targets that limit reflectivity for more precise colour. We’re happy to say that we’ve heard you. Through our new Checkr-Matte printing system, we’re able to provide ultra-matte targets for unsurpassed colour accuracy regardless of lighting conditions,” notes Casey Krugman, Product Manager of Consumer Solutions for Datacolor.

Available now (£ 99.99 MSRP) at, Amazon or with authorised retailers.


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