News |Datacolor offers 45% discount on the Spyder5ELITE+

Datacolor offers 45% discount on the Spyder5ELITE+


The summer months are always a busy photographic period. Long days and summer nights means there’s plenty to shoot; from an early morning sunrise, contre-jour portrait, to finishing the day with a landscape under the setting sun. The sunnier, warmer conditions are an inspiration out in the field as well as back in the studio, and everything just seems brighter and more colourful.

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All that summer vibrancy might look great through the viewfinder or even on screen, but with a poorly calibrated or uncalibrated monitor it won’t translate into nice prints. The problem is that without calibration your monitor doesn’t give a true representation of the image’s luminance and colour nor how it will translate into a print.

Part of the problem is that many people give their monitors a little additional touch of brightness and colour to compensate for their room lighting and this makes the picture look better on screen.

Sadly, those on-screen adjustments don’t translate across to your printer, or for that matter other people’s monitors, be that a friend’s or a professional lab’s. If you’re viewing an image on an uncalibrated monitor, any adjustments that you make are likely to make it look worse in print rather than better, even though it looks improved on screen.

The only way to ensure that your printer gets the information it needs to turn your carefully crafted photo into a fantastic print, that looks as it did on your screen, is to ensure that you regularly calibrate your monitor. When it comes to other people’s machines… well, you’ll just have to spread the word about the #Spyder5 #monitorcalibration.

I’m sure you’re thinking that your monitor is fine, and you may have even used a visual calibration method to set the brightness, contrast and colour right. A few years ago this was really the only method for the average enthusiast photographer, unless you paid someone a small fortune to calibrate your kit.

These days that’s all changed with inexpensive monitor calibrators such as the Datacolor Spyder5ELITE+. Rather than making a simple visual check of your screen the Spyder5ELITE+ provides a full spectrum, seven colour sensor that is able to read colour and tonal information while reference images are displayed. It then uses software to calculate any display errors and configures your monitor profiles automatically. It puts an end to editing frustration and lacklustre prints!

Datacolor Spyder5 Express monitor calibration review

Further good news is that from now to the 31st of August you can save a massive 45% on the Spyder5ELITE+ package – more details on that to follow.

So let’s make a simple check to see if your monitor is in need of calibration. Datacolor has created a test chart that will show if your screen’s luminance is correct – that’s just one aspect of the calibration process.

Is your screen’s luminance correct? Find out with Datacolor’s test..

Open the image in an application such as Affinity Photo, Lightroom or Photoshop and take a look. If the number 1 is immediately apparent then your monitor is too bright which means your images are likely to look too dark on a correctly calibrated screen and will make dark prints. The full instructions on how to use the chart are detailed on the image.

Of course, luminance or brightness is just one aspect of monitor calibration. Tone and colour are also important, and the Spyder5ELITE+ will take care of that for you as well. Now more on that offer…

Spyder5Elite+ Offer:

From July 17th to August 31st 2017, Datacolor is offering users a special promotional deal that will save 45% on the Spyder5ELITE+ package. This package includes a Spyder5ELITE+ software upgrade and a 90-day Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan membership.

This offer is open to anyone who owns an older or other version of the Spyder as well as monitor calibrators from other manufacturers. For more details please check out the website.

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Spyder5Elite+ Features

The Spyder5ELITE+ monitor calibration package includes a colorimeter device that reads the output of your monitor when it’s sitting on the screen during a calibration process. The output from your screen is read by the device and the results are communicated to the Spyder5ELITE+ software to adjust properties such as luminance, tone and colour.

As well as the screen’s output the Spyder5 is able to monitor ambient light and adjust the screen’s profile to ensure you are always getting the most accurate representation of the image as possible. Here are a few of the key features:

Spyder5Elite+: Spyder SoftProof

Making sure that the image you’re working on will be output correctly is essential. Spyder SoftProof is a new way of working, enabling you to simulate how your photos will look on any printer or device. This means that you can be sure your images will look the way you want on any home printer, online or retail printer, and many mobile and tablet devices.

Spyder5Elite+: Automatic Room Light Switching

You might not think it but your room’s lighting can have a huge effect on your monitor’s colour. A standard bulb and sunlight have vastly different colour temperatures, for example, so an image you’re working on during the day can look very different under an energy saver bulb at night. The colour of the walls in the room you’re working in can also have a major impact.

To ensure that you’re always viewing and editing your images on screen correctly, the Spyder5 features an automatic profile switch that will adapt your monitor to suit the lighting conditions. This works by reading the ambient light and adjusting the profile automatically without the need for any user action.

Spyder5Elite+: 1-Click Calibration


The details about your setup and settings are all saved after the initial calibration, so each re-calibration, which should be carried out on a monthly basis, is just a simple 1-click process.

Spyder5Elite+: Profile Management Tool

One profile suits all is rarely good as the way that luminance and colour is displayed for images, video and multimedia is different. And if you have a computer that’s used by the whole family, the photo correct display will usually look too dark for those wanting to play games or watch an on-demand movie.

The Spyder5ELITE+ package enables you to use a series of different profiles which can be activated for each different use of your computer.

Spyder5Elite+: Enhanced StudioMatch

As photographers, it’s rare to work on just one machine as many of us will have both a desktop and laptop computers on the go. The Enhanced StudioMatch feature enables you to verify more precise monitor matching so that all of your monitors look and display the same.

New to StudioMatch is the visual verification step that will assist you by enabling the fine tuning of results.

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Datacolor offer 45% discount on the Spyder5ELITE+
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Datacolor offer 45% discount on the Spyder5ELITE+
Datacolor are offering an incredible 45% off the Spyder5ELITE+, here we take a look at monitor calibration an what the device does.
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