Each day we search the internet for the best deals on cameras, lenses and accessories, and today we found a great bargain one of the most popular photo editing software programs on the market.

From now until November 12, B&H Photo is offering a download of Photoshop Elements 15 for just $69.99, $30 off its normal price of $99.99.

Adobe’s popular photo editing software is aimed at beginners, but has enough tools and features for photographers to grow with as they take on more complex post-processing techniques.

Features include:

  • Versatile Photo Editing Software
  • Edit & Organize with Touchscreen Devices
  • Frown and Squint Adjustments
  • Quick Edits and 45 Guided Edits
  • Batch Corrections
  • Camera Shake Reduction and Haze Removal
  • Simplified Filter Gallery
  • Enhanced Search and Smart Tags
  • Built-In Social Media Sharing
  • For Mac OS X 10.10-11 & Windows 7, 8, 10


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