News |Could Insta360 be the next DJI?

Could Insta360 be the next DJI?

Could Insta360 be the next DJI?

During Photokina 2018 I caught up with Max Richter, Insta360’s Head of Global Marketing to talk through the release of Insta360 ONE. last year Jeff took a look at the Insta360 Air, and since then has been closely following the companies progress. What’s apparent is that Insta360 is making huge leaps forward and it raises the question could Insta360 be the next DJI?

Looking back and seems an age ago since I was passed the details of a chap called Frank, after a few emails the first DJI Phantom arrived on my desk. There was no doubt it was impressive at the time and the fact that could bolt a GoPro Hero to the base was even better, but it all seemed a little primitive. The design of the Phantom 4 generations on doesn’t look that different but the technology is a world apart. 

Likewise when we first looked at the Insta360 Air we could see the potential, Insta360 obviously didn’t have the big name credentials of NIkon, GoPro, Garmin or any of the other 360 cameras that were launched back then and today, but it had something that back then made it stand out, in the same way, the original Phantom stood out. 

Looking at the Insta360 One and it’s obvious that in the year that has passed since Jeff reviewed the Air the company has innovated, developed and expanded. 

What’s exciting about Insta360 is they could well be the company that finally manages to succeed with 360 videos in the same way that Frank Wang managed to succeed by bringing drones into the mainstream with the release of the Phantom. 

I caught up with Max to discover more about the Insta360 One and the growing popularity of the company. 


Could Insta360 be the next DJI?
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Could Insta360 be the next DJI?
Insta360 is an interesting company. It along with countless others have been working hard at 360 cameras, but from the Air through to the latest One there's always been something that stands out about them.
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