News |Convert any bag into a camera bag with Tenba BYOB

Convert any bag into a camera bag with Tenba BYOB

Tenba BYOB

I like a good camera bag, and to be honest, I might have one or two, but I don’t have a Tenba BYOB backpack insert.

There’s a good reason for that; I think they’re dangerous.

That might seem a little strong, but trust me once you go down the BYOB route, then that’s it forever, you’ll never rest as you’ll always be in search for the perfect donor and let’s face it the options are infinite.

What do I mean by donor? Tenba BYOB bags don’t just offer you somewhere to keep kit safe, but they open up a whole world of backpacks and bags that weren’t previously a photographic option.

If you’re not familiar with the BYOB concept, then I suggest you walk away now and forget that you ever read about these items.

However, if you know about the concept and Tenba BYOB, then you’ll be excited to see that there are three all-new sizes.

Tenba BYOB are inserts designed to fit inside any non-camera bag so that they can then be used, as a camera bag. The addition of the new sizes, therefore, increases the choice of non-camera bags that can now become camera bags.

So many more options; so yes, that Osprey Radial 34 might have been designed for the outdoorsy mountain biker type, but now with the Tenba BYOB it’s a perfect camera bag.

Actually, I’ve just seen an Ad in the latest Singletrack for the EVOC Explorer Pro 30L – that’s nice as well and only £160 – I need to get that to see if the BYOB 10 DSLR fits.

The three new sizes are:

  • BYOB 9 Slim | 22w x 22h x 9d (Internal) | £35
  • BYOB 9 DSLR | 22w x 22h x 11d (Internal) | £37
  • BYOB 10 DSLR | 22w x 29h x 11d (Internal | £40

Although primarily designed as inserts the BYOB can also be used as standalone bags and feature a ripstop nylon fabric and are lined with soft tricot material. Available in grey, with blue interior trim, there’s also a carry handle on top making it easy to hoik out of a bag when needed.

Want to read more about the latest Tenba BYOB inserts then check out

Convert any bag into a camera bag with Tenba BYOB
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Convert any bag into a camera bag with Tenba BYOB
Want to change an ordinary backpack into a camera bag then let me introduce you to the Tenba BYOB inserts. Tenba has just announced three new sizes increasing the options.
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Camera Jabber
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