News |Colorspike LED strip launches on Kickstarter

Colorspike LED strip launches on Kickstarter

Colorspike LED strip launches on Kickstarter

The creators of the Pixelstick have launched their next product, an LED strip called Colorspike that produces a wide range of colours and effects.

Like the Pixelstick, users can control the Colorspike via a companion app to make it produce any of its wide range of colours or effects.

The device is about two feed long and features a row of LED lights along one side that you can program via the Colorspike app.

As well as a range of colours, you can also use the Colorspike to recreate the lighting effects of things like fire, lightning, emergency vehicles and more.

Within the app you can select from the range of colours and the different effects to create a custom mix for whatever you’re trying to capture. You can also adjust things like brightness and pulsation patterns.

Battery time is 45 minutes, and the Colorspike also comes with a mains adapter for those working inside.

The Colorspike is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, where a $270 donation will net you one unit, or you can get four for the price of $1,000.

Via DPReview

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