Cokin launches CLEARSKY light pollution filter

Cokin launches CLEARSKY light pollution filter

Cokin has launches a new light pollution filter called CLEARSKY, which helps reduce the yellow/orange glow of street lights.

Made from high-resolution phosphate laser neodymium glass, the Cokin CLEARSKY promises to target and block specific wavelengths of light to help photographers produce more natural low-light cityscapes and astrophotography.

The Cokin CLEARSKY filters have multi-layer AR and AF coatings on both sides to help reduce reflections and increase light transmission.

The CLEARSKY filters are available in rectangular widths of 84mm, 100mm and 130mm, or you can get them as circular screw-in filters ranging from 52mm to 82mm in diameter.

The Cokin CLEARSKY filters price tag ranges from £69 to £199 depending on the size and width.

Visit Cokin’s distributor, Intro2020, for more details.