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CJPOTY round 12 winners

Find out who is shortlisted for the overall prize and who has won the monthly prize of a £500 voucher from

CJPOTY 2024 round 12 winners

The theme for the December 2023 round of the Camera Jabber Photographer of the Year (CJPOTY) competition was ‘Sunrise or Sunset’. We were treated to an incredible array of high-quality submissions, but now it’s time to reveal the images that will be added to our shortlist to be judged by our illustrious panel of judges to decide the overall winner.

One of these ten shortlisted images has also been selected as the round winner, with the photographer being awarded a voucher from MPB worth £500 – scroll down to find out who.

CJPOTY December 2023 ‘Sunrise or Sunset’ shortlisted images

Amanda Saunders

CJPOTY Round 12 Winners

Amanda captured this spectacular image on an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II at Lake Mac Donald in the Glacier National Park, USA. She was in place before dawn, ready to create her image at the perfect moment. We hope you have this printed and hanging on a wall in your house, Amanda.

Jo Martindale

CJPOTY Round 12 Winners

Jo says, ‘I am a sucker for the softness of a barley field, so when I saw this one as we were driving to catch a ferry, just as the sun was setting, I knew I had to capture it. My daughter was a willing subject, and I asked her to face the sun to catch the reflection of the setting sun in her glasses.’ It’s a cracking shot captured on a Canon R6.

Pawel Zygmunt

CJPOTY Round 12 Winners

Pawel used his DJI Mavic Pro 2 to capture this fabulous image. He tells us, ‘Iceland is a land of unparalleled natural beauty, a place where rugged landscapes, volcanic terrain, and pristine wilderness converge in a symphony of breathtaking vistas. For drone photographers, this Nordic island is nothing short of a dream canvas, offering the opportunity to capture its wonders from a unique and mesmerizing perspective. The iconic mountain of Kirkjufell is must see place in Iceland. Unfortunately, the popularity of this place attracts crowds, which makes this place a little less interesting; however, it’s still amazing.’

Marketa Zvelebil

CJPOTY Round 12 Winners

Marketa photographed these two horses eating breakfast at dawn using her Nikon D850. We love her composition, which makes the most of the colour in the sky and its reflection. Marketa’s exposure mastery means the horses aren’t completely silhouetted but have a little detail in their bodies.

Kathy Henry

CJPOTY Round 12 Winners

Kathy tells us, ‘On an early morning visit to Bamburgh Beach, my eye was drawn to the shape of the water on the beach with the castle reflection.’ She created a wonderful image, and we particularly like how the bright water in the foreground pulls the eye towards the castle.

Helen Trust

CJPOTY Round 12 Winners

We’ve seen similar views of Loften on many occasions, but Helen has done a brilliant job of capturing the subtle tones within this scene. It’s a beautiful composition with silky-smooth water.

Christine Holt

CJPOTY Round 12 Winners

Christine tells us that she captured this image when she was out on an evening walk near her home. The bright, warm glow on the narrowboat’s side lets us know that the sun is setting and adds a bit of sparkle to the scene.

Angi Z Wallace

CJPOTY Round 12 Winners

Angi’s stunning image of the River Brathay, captured using a Sony A7 III, is the type of shot that many aspire to shoot, but the conditions are so fleeting that you have to be ready in plenty of time. The combination of the low sun hitting the autumnal trees and the rising mist is magical.

Barbara Taskó

CJPOTY Round 12 Winners

Barbara caught this grey heron napping with her Canon 7D Mark II as the sun rose. We love Barbara’s low angle of view, which accentuates the shimmering water while putting the heron against an uncluttered background. Great work, Barbara!

Philippa Huber

CJPOTY Round 12 Winners: sunlit spider's web

Philippa says, ‘It was a beautiful misty morning last September when I went for an early wander with my camera. There were dew-sprinkled cobwebs everywhere and it was quite magical; I liked the bokeh and sparkles captured in the first light of the day.’ The Jabber team love your image, Philippa.

CJPOTY December 2023 winner: Angi Z Wallace

CJPOTY Round 12 Winners

Congratulations, Angi, a voucher worth £500 from MPB is heading your way!

Angi’s image joins the other 9 images selected this month and goes onto our shortlist for the overall prize. Our panel of VIP judges now has the challenge of picking the 1st, 2nd and 3rd-placed images from the 120 shortlisted throughout 2023..

The photographer of the first-placed image overall, as decided by the panel of judges , will receive a voucher to the value of £1000 from as well as a trophy and the title ‘Camera Jabber Photographer of the Year 2023‘. The photographers who come second and third will receive vouchers worth £500 and £250, respectively.


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