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Action Camera Reviews

Action Cameras are small, light weight and enable you to shoot video anywhere. The compact design means that they can be attached to almost anything, and unlike conventional cameras they're designed to be attached rather than handheld, which is why they've become so popular with extreme sports enthusiasts.

The small size, ease of use and often full integration with mobile apps has also made them a more general popular camera choice. Best of all they're called action for a reason, the design, build and functionality means that they can withstand the elements as well as a knock or two, so an ideal choice for all the family.

As well as shooting video there's plenty of other features hidden inside these small devices, they shoot stills, time-lapse, some even feature motions and GPS sensors.

In this section we'll cover the latest action camera reviews, as well as a few links to the latest news and tips.

Will the GoPro Hero7 Black happen? Specs we’d like to see

It’s time to start mulling over the next generation of GoPro, but this time we have to wonder will the GoPro Hero 7 Black happen? GoPro’s investment in the GP1 processor provided the performance but with a £100 price drop in the first six months is it struggling to please the crowds? We take a look at a few ideas for the next generation.

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Uten 4K Ultra HD Review

At less than £50 and offering features such as 4K and 1080p at 60fps, this small action camera is well worth a look. But will it stand-up to the test in our Uten 4K Ultra HD Review?

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GoXtreme Vision 4K Review

GoXtreme snap verdict GoXtreme has a proven track record when it comes to action cameras with their flagship product, the Black Hawk 4k rivalling the GoPro Hero 4 Black when it was released. The GoXtreme Vision 4k hits the top end of the budget market and packs in features that will appeal to both beginners…

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ODRVM 4K review Score 75%

ODRVM 4K review

Budget Action cameras come in all shapes and colours but today manufacturers have to do something special to stand out, we take a look at the ODRVM 4K

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Wimius L1 4K Review Score 78%

Wimius L1 4K Review

Wimius L1 4K Snap Verdict These days you don't have to spend a fortune to get a decent action camera, and the Wimius L1 4K is a testament to this. It packs in features that matter at a price that makes sense for anyone just starting out. The design and user experience are basic but…

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PNY The Outdoor Charger Review Score 90%

PNY The Outdoor Charger Review

PNY The Outdoor Charger has arrived, an action camera-ready power pack that will ensure your camera doesn’t run out of steam.

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Peak Design Cuff V3 review Score 95%

Peak Design Cuff V3 review

Peak Design's Cuff comes in two colours – Ash and Black and is designed to use as a wrist-carrying camera strap. The wrist loop magnetically locks in the open position or cinches down on your wrist for added security. The loop also locks down on your wrist if you accidentally drop your camera. As with…

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Isaw Touch review Score 86%

Isaw Touch review

iSAW Touch Snap Verdict Action cameras have evolved, and the Isaw Touch is a testament to this. One button operation, glorious touchscreen, decent specification and a price that makes this an ideal entry-level action camera. For Isaw Touch Huge touchscreen One button operation Compatible with GoPro mounts Against Isaw Touch Interpolated 4K Average low light…

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Yi 4k+ review Score 92%

Yi 4k+ review

Yi 4K+ Snap Verdict The Yi 4K+ has more on offer than any action camera in its price range - so much so that it rivals the GoPro Hero6 Black when it comes to pure specifications, yet it costs half the price. 4K at 60fps, slow motion, voice activation and touch screen all match the…

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Best Action Cameras in 2017

Action cameras may have made their name in the extreme sports market, but these days they have a much larger appeal. They’re great for families as a camera that everyone can use, there's no worries about kids dropping them or throwing them around. Youths love the branding and lifestyle reflected in brands such as GoPro,…

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Sony RX0 review Score 90%

Sony RX0 review

Is it an action camera, or is it something else (hint: it’s something else)? Find out in our Sony RX0 review what this new breed of camera is capable of.

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GoPro Hero6 Black review Score 92%

GoPro Hero6 Black review

GoPro Hero 6 Black Review Snap Verdict The release of the GoPro Hero6 Black has been one of the most anticipated of 2017. Which would be surprising for a camera that fits in your pocket, but then this is a camera from GoPro, a company that more than most knows the importance of getting noticed.…

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