Cascable, a popular iOS app for turning your phone into a remote control for your camera, has just added support for Panasonic and Fuji cameras.

Version 3.0 extends Cascable to Fuji and Panasonic cameras for the first time, and also introduces a number of brand-new features such as geotagging.

In Cascable 3.0 you can view your images on a map based on where they were taken, as Cascable now automatically records your location and tags your photos.

Cascable has also improved the remote control element of the app, introducing a new ‘zebra stripes’ overlay that identifies where you’ve blown out highlight areas of the image.

For Canon and Nikon users, Cascable 3.0 will now let you zoom into the viewfinder image to fine-tune focus.

And Version 3.0 also enables you to flip and rotate photos when editing images in Cascable’s Quick Proof editor.

Check out the full list of updates in Cascable 3.0 on the company’s website.

Cascable costs $29.99, or if you just want to try it out you can pay $2.99 per month or $5.99 per quarter with a three-day or one-week free trial, respectively. You can download it here from iTunes.

Via Fuji Rumors

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