Canon takes 2nd place in mirrorless camera market share in Japan

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Canon has taken a strong leap forward in the Japanese mirrorless camera market, jumping to second place overall behind Olympus.

According to new figures, Canon has gained 5% in the Japanese CSC market while Sony has seen a 7% decline. Olympus has held the top spot, but witnessed a decline from 34.5% to 26.8% in the past year.

In the fixed lens camera market, Canon retains the top spot as it has for the past 10 years, with Nikon at number two. Casio – a name we might have forgotten about in the West – weighs in at a close number three, a spot its held since 2015.

And in another surprise, Sigma has overtaken Nikon for second place in the Japanese lens market. Canon retains the top spot.

Canon also sits at number one in the Japanese market for DSLR cameras, followed by Nikon and Ricoh (Pentax).

Source: Mirrorless Rumors


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