Canon rumoured to be developing hybrid EF/RF EOS R camera

Canon's rumoured camera is said to be an 'EOS-1' style high-end model

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Canon is said to be developing a high-end ‘EOS-1’ style EOS R camera with a hybrid lens mount that supports both EF and RF lenses.

Canon Rumors reports it has heard the claims from multiple sources, who say that the hybrid EF/RF mount EOS R camera would support both lens mounts without the need for an adapter.

The promise of an ‘EOS-1’ style EOS R camera gels with recent rumours and suggestions from Canon itself that it is working on a super high-resolution version of the EOS R.

Such an innovation, if indeed the rumour is true, could be a game-changer for many professionals. However, it’s difficult to see how the technology could work.

But perhaps we won’t have to wait long, as Canon Rumors is promising more information on the rumoured hybrid EF/RF mount Canon camera soon.

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