News |Canon reveals 3D stereoscopic 180° VR lens for RF

Canon reveals 3D stereoscopic 180° VR lens for RF


Canon has announced the Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYE, price tag £2,099.99 / €2,399.99, new RF-mount lens that can capture 3D stereoscopic VR content.

The new Canon VR lens has been developed due to the high demand for high quality 3D 180º VR content. As VR content is becoming more common in all sectors from training, travel, sports, live events and documenties Canon is looking to invest in the sector.

The Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYE lens is Canon’s first interchangable VR lens. This lens will at present enable Canon EOS R5 users to create VR content utilising their exsisting camera body.

Of course along with the new lens Canon is launching the EOS VR Utility and a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro that will help to streamline the 180º VR post production process.

All new innovation in dual lens design

The Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYE lens is striking to look at with the two fisheye lenses facing forward with an ultra-wide 190º field of view. This FOV forms the basis for the stereoscopic VR capture with the two images being captured on a single sensor.

Capturing the image in this way means that both images will have the same characteristics which will help to avoid subtle changes in image quality due to exposure and other exterior factors.

In addition the lens features two EMD (Aperture) units, one for each lens, to ensure that the exposures through each lens match. This will help to reduce the post production grading often required when stitching left and right images.

A clever folding optical design and baseline distance of 60mm has also been developed to ensure a natural looking view. At present Canon has only released details on compatibility with the Canon EOS R5 body, but compatibility with other R system cameras is expected to be announced in the near future.

Joining the L-Series

The new Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYE lens will be joining the famous L-Series range of lenses and will feature the instantly recognisable red ring. The optics feature two UD elements per lens which have been designed to produce sharp clear images from edge to edge. To maximise light transmission a SWC coating has been applied to supress ghosting and flare from the sunlight, something that is extremely important with a lens that’s capturing the full 360º,

Another feature to Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYE is a gelatin holder across the rear elements. As well as Canon’s own filters this will also fit third-party gelatin ND filters to maintain ‘normal’ shutter speeds and apertures when shooting in bright conditions.

Despite being a specialist lens Canon have ensured that the manual focus functions are as accurate as ever with full MF peaking available through the R5.

When used with the EOS R5 8K sensor the Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYE lens achieves high resolution 180° VR capture with a high dynamic range using Canon Log / Log 3.

EOS VR Utility

Canon has also developed a new VR software application, EOS VR Utility, and plug-in, EOS VR Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro. The software is designed to simplify the 180 VR post-production process.

The software is designed to streamline the stitching process and accurately convert the captured dual circular fisheye format to a standard 180 VR format, ready for further editing in Adobe Premiere Pro or viewing on a VR headset.

Canon has also updated its EOS Utility and Camera Connect App to provide remote control and live image preview whilst capturing 180 VR content.

Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYE Price

The Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYE lens price tag will be £2,099.99 / €2,399.99. A release date has not yet been announced.

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