Canon developing remote control for photographing live events

Canon developing remote control for photographing live events

Canon is developing a remote control system aimed at live events to help photographers shoot from inaccessible locations.

Designed for Canon’s interchangeable lens cameras, the new remote control solution will be aimed at photo agencies and media outlets covering subjects such as sporting and news events.

According to Canon USA’s announcement of the development project:

The solution, currently under development, utilizes a system that enables the camera’s optical axis to be perpendicular to the device’s axis of revolution. This intuitive alignment will provide users with operation capabilities that feel similar to handheld or tripod shooting.

The hardware and software solution allows a photographer to control multiple cameras at once, with the ability to control multiple remote-control or static remote systems from a single computer. Photographers will be able to operate each device to pan, tilt or rotate the camera and zoom the lens, and images can transmit via a network connection to a centralized location, a feature that will prove to be very useful for news outlets and agencies.

The new solution will allow for image capture from a variety of angles and viewpoints that might not have not been possible through conventional shooting methods.

Canon did not provide a release date for the new remote control system.

Via Canon Watch