News |Canon launches PIXMA TR150 printer and portable TR150 with battery

Canon launches PIXMA TR150 printer and portable TR150 with battery

Canon's new PIXMA TR150 printer with a battery can charge via the mains or USB C

Canon launches PIXMA TR150 and portable TR150 with battery

Canon has announced two new portable printers, the PIXMA TR150 and another version of the TR150 with a battery.

Both new Canon PIXMA printers offer WiFi connectivity and support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. You can also control the printers via your smartphone.

The Canon PIXMA TR150 features a 1.44-inch mono OLED screen, as well as USB charging and the option to load custom templates. Perfect for a business on the move, the improved battery and ability to print more pages than before will ensure effortless and professional results, wherever and whenever.

The PIXMA TR150 with battery allows for mobile printing, and users can recharge either via AC power adaptor or USB Type-C. Charging takes two hours and 20 minutes via the adaptor.

The Canon PIXMA TR150 price tag is £219.99 / €259.99, while the TR150 with battery is priced slightly higher at £249.99 / €299.99.


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