Canon patent would introduce fingerprint reader to cameras, lenses

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Canon has filed a patent that would take the fingerprint reader technology now found on many smartphones and introduce it to cameras and lenses.

A patent filed in the United States would introduce a fingerprint sensor onto a lens barrel or the front of the grip on a camera body.

As an anti-theft technology, fingerprint readers are an important feature on a smartphone, but on a camera it could seem like overkill. Is a fingerprint lock really going to be effective in protecting your camera, or your images.

A more logical use of the technology, it seems, would be to adapt it as a quick-start option for sports or wildlife photographers, or photojournalists.

Or perhaps Canon might use the technology to enhance its custom functions and quick settings.

Do you think fingerprint reader technology could be useful on a camera or lens? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Via Canon Watch