Canon has announced the development of the Canon MM100-WS, what it’s calling a new compact multi-purpose module camera that, to our eyes, looks a whole lot like an action camera.

The Canon MM100-WS Multi-Purpose Camera, as it is called in Canon’s official statement, measures 1.57in (w) x 1.57in (h) x .85in (d) in a body that the company says is ‘highly customisable’. It’s also designed to a high level of dust and moisture resistance, Canon says.

This is because Canon says the MM100-WS is aimed at professional users who need to create video content for specific needs and industrial applications.

The examples Canon gives are monitoring in narrow spaces, piping inspections, automotive industry, and as a support tool for numerous varieties of verticals.

Canon hasn’t said much else about the modular camera. The company says it will help businesses that want to use the MM100-WS and will develop supporting software and accessories.

However, we just can’t get over how much the Canon MM100-WS looks just like an action camera.

From the image Canon released, the MM100-WS appears to have an external microSD card slot and what is most likely textured mode and shutter buttons on top.

We’ve asked Canon for more information and will update as we learn more.

Via PhotoRumors

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