Canon developing in-body image stabilisation for EOS M, PowerShot cameras

It's thought that Canon's IBIS technology for its mirrorless and compact cameras could debut in the rumoured EOS M5 Mark II

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Canon is developing in-body image stabilisation, or IBIS, technology for its EOS M series mirrorless and higher end PowerShot compact cameras.

Canon News spotted a patent application detailing the new IBIS technology, which previously hasn’t been available in Canon’s smaller cameras. According to Canon News:

What this patent actually is, is that with smaller cameras, the actual stabilization will cause vibration because the sensor and optical elements are moving, and that will then result in more shake, which then gets compensated, and basically you have a runaway system with the smaller and lighter cameras because of the sensor and optical element mass. So what Canon is doing is finding a way to reduce the vibration caused by the IS units…

The patent application describes in very exact details the method of manufacturing said camera, which means that Canon is far along the process of delivering a Powershot and EOS-M cameras with IBIS.

With rumours of a Canon EOS M5 Mark II on the horizon, it might not be long before we see this new technology.

Click here to see the full patent.

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