News |Canon firmware adds speed, new video capabilities to R system cameras

Canon firmware adds speed, new video capabilities to R system cameras

Canon EOS R3 Review

Canon has announced new firmware for the EOS R3, EOS R5 and EOS R6 that adds more speed, enhanced video capabilities and streamlined workflows.

Canon EOS R3 firmware version 1.20

The new Canon EOS R3 firmware update enables a new high-speed continuous shooting setting at which users can shoot at frame rates from 30fps all the way up to 195fps at full resolution in JPEG, HEIF or Raw.

The Canon firmware update also adds the ability to shoot Full HD video at 240p. This means EOS R3 users can now produce slow motion movies where the action is slowed down by a factor of six.

Other additions to the EOS R3 include Canon’s Cloud RAW Image Processing, which launched in the Canon EOS R7 and applies deep learning processing within Canon’s platform to improve the resolution and sharpness of your images. It also employs AI-based noise reduction to preserve image detail.

The R3 firmware also adds in-camera focus stacking, time-lapse movie functionality and the option to assign a 1.6x crop – or other ratios – to a custom button on the camera.

Canon EOS R5 firmware version 1.60

The Canon EOS R5 firmware update adds the R3’s Auto Power Off Temperature feature, which enables users to record video for longer periods of time. The update adds a new Auto Power Off Temperature – High setting when film 8K at 30p or 4K video at 60p.

The EOS R3, EOS R5 and EOS R6 (firmware version 1.60) all now include wobble correction within the Digital Movie IS mode to provide more stability.

Canon’s firmware release also updates its Software Development Kit. New functionality for SDK users includes support for remote sensor cleaning, the ability to activate focus bracketing, the option to set high frame rate video and first curtain/second curtain/high-speed synchronisation, and for the EOS R6, the ability to set mode dial functions remotely via the SDK.

Download the new Canon EOS R3 firmware here

Download the new Canon EOS R5 firmware here

Download the new Canon EOS R6 firmware here


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