News |Canon files more patents than Apple, Google in 2016

Canon files more patents than Apple, Google in 2016

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Canon filed more patents with the US government in 2016 than large tech giants like Apple, Google and Intel, according to a report.

The annual IFI Claims report shows that Canon is third on the list, behind Samsung at No. 2 and IBM at No. 1.

Amazingly, Canon filed 11% fewer patents – 3,655 to be exact – in 2016 than in 2015 yet still bests its competitors in the photographic industry.

Other camera manufacturers making the top 50 list are Sony at No. 10, Ricoh at No. 21 and Fujifilm at No. 48.

It’s worth pointing out that not all of those 3,655 patents will be for new cameras and lenses. Canon makes everything from printers and projectors to calculators and binoculars.

Via DigitalTrends

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