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Canon Expands Auto Tracking and Auto Loop Availability for PTZ Cameras

Canon PTZ

Canon Europe has expanded the functionality of its PTZ cameras with two new apps available via its Add-On Applications System. The new apps, the Auto Tracking Application RA-AT001 and the Auto Loop Application RA-AL001, can be used with the CR-N500, CR-N300 and CR-X300 cameras and build on market demand to create a powerful standalone solution for video production without the need for external hardware.

The Auto Tracking Application automatically tracks people with precision to ensure they are always framed and in shot, without the intervention of a camera operator. Enabling single and multi-camera shoots to be filmed without a camera operator, the tracking reduces the burden on AV staff or operators whilst still capturing high-quality, professional content. Performing visual analysis in-camera, the function is available without any external device, resulting in a quicker – and more accurate – tracking capability.

The Auto Loop Application, on the other hand, enables the cameras to follow a pre-programmed, automated pan/tilt/zoom movement without an operator manually changing the shot. This is perfect for situations where operators must make simple repeated camera movements, such as live music events, for instance, where the shot would move from the drummer to the lead singer to the audience and then back again.

Both apps are easy to configure and, coupled with Canon’s 4K camera technology, make the ideal solution for a broad range of scenarios, from higher education, corporate, live events, broadcast and houses of worship. The applications (paid) and firmware update (free) will be available from mid-2023.

In addition, Canon has also released a firmware update to enhance user experience and workflow. The update enables the CR-N500, CR-N300 and CR-X300 cameras to tap into common settings – including setting the shutter angle and the shutter speed. It’s also easier to match the image from other cameras than before, with added colour compensation function for white balance.

Canon’s latest firmware update enhances user experience and workflow – whether the camera is used independently or as part of a multi-camera set-up. The CR-X300 will add SRT protocol and Free-D protocol support, enabling easier workflow integration – particularly in live events and sports.
These new features are available for the CR-N700 and will be available for other PTZ models with the firmware update later in 2023.

With these new apps and firmware updates, Canon has once again demonstrated its commitment to expanding the functionality of its PTZ cameras and providing users with new and innovative ways to capture high-quality video content.

For more information check out: https://www.canon-europe.com/press-centre/press-releases/2023/04/canon-expands-auto-tracking-and-auto-loop-availability-for-ptz-cameras/

Canon Europe Support Website for Add-On Applications and Firmware Update: https://www.canon-europe.com/support/


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