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Canon EOS M5 sample photos Review

Canon EOS M5 sample photos

I’ve been shooting with the Canon EOS M5 as part of our ongoing review, and unlike previous EOS M cameras we are pretty impressed. We are quite pleased with the image quality, as you can see in the Canon EOS M5 sample photos below, and my first impressions of the M5’s autofocusing system is that it is fast, even in  gloomy conditions.

I’ve also been pleased to discover that the AF point can be selected by touching the screen while you look through the viewfinder. Cleverly, Canon allows you to customise the area of the screen that you use to set the point. This means if you don’t want to use the whole area you can select to operate it via one of the corners of the screen.

We’ve produced a gallery of our Canon EOS sample photos to date, which we’ve uploaded at full resolution straight from the camera so you can get a sense of their image quality for yourself.

Canon EOS M5


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