News |Canon developing a curved sensor, patent suggests

Canon developing a curved sensor, patent suggests

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Canon is developing curved sensor technology for interchangeable lens cameras, according to a patent the company has filed.

The patent, discovered by the Japanese blog Hi Lows Note, shows a new sensor technology where curvature is controlled by a vacuum pump.

The patent also suggests that the camera would boast a new EF mount with a new lever to detach the lens, rather than the traditional button to press and then twist off.

It’s also worth noting that the patent is for a cinema camera, but the design could be rolled out in consumer models as well.

This follows reports that Nikon, too, is developing a camera with curved image sensor technology.

What does a curved image sensor do for photographers?

Image sensors now are flat, so what exactly a curved sensor can offer photographers might be a mystery. In short, a curved sensor should enable the light exiting your lens to meet it at 90 degrees across the whole frame and therefore increase light efficiency.

This means less noise in your images and better low-light performance. Vignetting and chromatic aberration should also be lower.

Via Mirrorless Rumors

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