News |Canon announces Europe-wide relaunch

Canon announces Europe-wide relaunch

Still from Canon Live for the story advert

In recognition of the changing face of photography and a shift in the company’s competitors to include wider technology brands, Canon has announced a relaunch of its European imaging business. Going beyond a simple campaign, the rebranding is designed to make Canon more appealing to a younger market and specifically targets Millennials. Naturally, the company is also keen to reassure existing loyal customers that it will remain relevant to them.

Canon’s own market research has shown that while experienced photographers know and respect the brand, younger people don’t connect with it nor see the relevance of it to them. Nevertheless they take lots of photographs and use social media platforms to share images.

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As part of the rebrand Canon is launching ‘Live for the story’, a campaign across 19 European market that is designed to change the way people perceive the company. Canon’s aim is to inspire people to take images that tell stories and for it to be seen as a story-telling company.

At an exclusive event to explain the rebranding we were told that work has been going on in the background for the last 9 months and we can expect to see the impact immediately.

During the first four weeks the ‘Live for the story’ message will be seen on TV and cinema advertising as well as in digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, in Canon retail areas and across the company’s social media channels.

Still from Canon Live for the story advert

We can also expect to see a change in the imagery that Canon uses with a switch away from the traditional epic images towards shots that spark questions and hint at a story.

Lee Bonniface, Canon Senior Director – CIG Marketing explains “Here at Canon we offer so much more than just photography. We print memories, we save memories and we help to make memories with apps such as Lifecake.

“Experiences are what matters and this is where our focus is. ‘Live for the story’ has been developed to inspire people to do just that. Through every element of Canon’s repositioning we are encouraging people to be ready to capture stories they are creating every day.”

As part of the rebrand Canon is launching ‘365 Days of Summer’ and a competition to find someone to travel the word for a year creating stories – all expenses paid.

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