Canon aiming for 50% market share of interchangeable lens cameras

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Canon’s CEO has said that Canon ‘will go on the offensive and work to expand our sales in the mirrorless market’ to reach a goal of 50% marketshare of the entire interchangeable lens camera market.

The comments by CEO Fuji Mitarai were made at the company’s annual corporate strategy conference and come just a week after Nikkei reported that Canon was now willing to cannibalise its DSLR sales in order to grow its mirrorless marketshare.

Mitarai also reiterated Canon’s already-strong performance in the mirrorless market and that its sales in this area have grown considerably in the past year:

In this quarter as well, sales remained strong, particularly for mirrorless cameras. Within this trend, we grew sales of the EOS M6, a new mirrorless camera that has been highly rated not only for its high image quality, but also for its compact and lightweight form factor. This camera was designed to capture demand from people who, for example, are considering a step up to a camera with more features and better performance. Including this factor, first half unit sales of mirrorless camera grew more than 70% compared to the same period last year, leading to overall sales growth for interchangeable-lens cameras.

Canon said it also plans to increase its production of OLED panels for smartphones, including folding panels which it believes will be a major focus of the next-generation smartphones.

You can read the text of Mitarai’s speech here.

Via Canon Rumors