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Canon 800D Sample Image Gallery

Canon EOS 800D

We were invited to an event to celebrate 30 years of Canon EOS system with a shooting opportunity with the Canon 800D.

The event took place at the now closed Aldwych tube station. Consequently the majority of the images were taken in low light and at high sensitivity settings. Nevertheless, the Canon 800D coped well even with the EF-S18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM kit lens. There were a few occasions when the autofocus system struggled a little, but only in extremely low light or low contrast conditions.

I need to do more testing, but the lens stabilisation system performed well during the shoot, delivering sharp images at 1/5sec at the 18mm point.

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Browsing through the jpeg files (the raw files can’t be converted yet) reveals that noise is controlled very well. In the depths of the underground a sensitivity setting of around ISO 6400 was required to  photograph a model and an old train and the results looks very nice. A slight texture is visible in some areas at normal viewing sizes, but it’s not unpleasant.

Naturally this texture becomes more visible when images are viewed at 100%, again it’s restrained and there’s still plenty of detail visible. The fine detail of fur is rendered well for the conditions and sensitivity setting.

As the shoot was underground, all the lighting was artificial. The auto white balance system coped well, producing images that reflected the conditions and only had a touch of a cast. Using a custom white balance setting dealt with it, but many images looked fine with the automatic setting.

There’s lots more testing to be done, but these early images are very encouraging. If you follows this link to visit our Canon 800D sample images Flickr album you’ll be able to download the images and check them for yourself. All the images in our gallery are direct from the camera with no editing or enhancement. 

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