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Canon EOS 800D guided mode

The Canon EOS 800D, known as the Rebel T7i in the US, is the update to the Canon 750D (Rebel 6Ti). In addition to the new sensor, processing engine and autofocus system, one of the key differences between the 800D and the 750D is the interface.

Canon has actually given the 800D (and the 77D announced at the same time) two interface styles, Guided which is aimed at beginners and Standard which is aimed at more experienced photographers. The advanced or Standard interface looks like the 750D’s, but the beginners’ Guided interface is new. Let’s take a look how they compare and focus in on the newer Guide mode.

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Canon Guided Mode Guide and Shooting Screen

By default the 800D is set to use the Guided interface whereas the 77D is supplied in Standard mode. The Guided interface changes appearance depending upon the exposure mode selected via the Mode dial, but it’s image led.

In aperture priority mode, for example, the on-screen Mode Guide (below) shows two images of the same scene, one with a blurred background and the other with a sharp background and there’s brief explanatory text – ‘AV Aperture Priority AE Adjust the level of background blur’.

Canon 800D Guide mode aperture priority Guide screen

You have to tap OK (or press the Set button) to reach the Shooting Screen (below) and this is where you’re able to set the aperture value. This screen indicates how adjusting aperture from the maximum to minimum value changes background sharpness.

Canon 800D Aperture priority shooting screen

Beneath this infographic are icons indicating other aspects that are available for adjustment. Again these vary depending upon the exposure mode but there’s a familiar theme. In shutter priority or aperture priority mode (shown above) these include Brightness (exposure compensation), Drive mode (single, continuous or self-timer), Focusing position (AF point selection) and Method of focusing (single-shot or continuous). Instinctively, as the 800D has a touch-screen, you may be inclined to tap these icons to adjust the settings, but nothing happens unless you first tap the Q (Quick menu) control either on-screen or the physical button on the back of the camera.

Canon EOS 800D guided mode

Once you’ve activated the Quick menu, tapping any of the icons accesses the feature ready for adjustment. These adjustments can be made by tapping the screen or using the buttons and dials.

Alternatively, instead of tapping the Q button, you can use the dedicated buttons to access the features.

Canon Guided Mode Main Menu

As usual, pressing the Menu button on the 800D brings up the main menu on the camera’s screen. If you’re familiar with other Canon DSLRs, initially it looks quite different from what you are used to, but the options are the same.

There are four large icons across the top of the screen to select the main sections of the menu; Shooting settings, Playback setting, Function Settings and Display level settings.

Canon 800D Main Menu Guided mode first screen

Tapping any of these options and OK, or pressing the Set button, gives access to the menu features. These are the same as in the Standard menu but the background is pale grey.

Canon 800D Guide Mode Menu screen

Canon Standard Mode Shooting Screen

When the Shooting Screen is set to the Standard layout you see the familiar grid of camera setting information. As with the Guide Mode, it’s possible to change any of the settings (apart from the exposure mode) by tapping the Q icon or pressing the Q button. From then on it’s a case of tapping the feature you want to change and making the adjustment on screen or using the physical controls.

Canon EOS 800D

How do you change between the Canon Guided and Standard Modes?

It’s easy to switch between the two interfaces as follows:

1 Press the menu button and tap the far right Display level icon.
2. Tap OK or tap the icon a second time
3. Tap Shooting Screen and select Standard/Guided as you wish.
4. Tap Menu display and select Standard/Guided as you wish.
5. If you like you can also turn off the Mode Guide and Feature Guide by tapping each in turn and selecting Disable. When the Features Guide is active, one tap reveals the Guide while a second lets you change the setting.

You can see the full gamut of the Canon 800D’s screen displays in both Guided and Standard mode below.

Canon 800D screen displays

Canon 800D Guided vs Standard mode
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