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Canon 6D Mark II Sample Images Review

Canon 6D Mark II Sample Image

For the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to be given a photo pass for Fairport Convention’s Cropredy Festival.

This year the Canon 6D Mark II arrived just in time for me to take it a long and see how it copes with the bright lights and deep shadows of a night-time gig – as well as the more regular daytime music shots.

So far the camera has impressed from the point of view of autofocus speed and accuracy, even in low light.

However, after using many recent mirrorless cameras that offer a wide spread of AF points, it can be frustrating to be limited to a relatively small area around the centre of the frame.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II review

The highest sensitivity setting I have used so far is ISO 12,800 and the noise is controlled well. I’ve included a couple of shots taken at this setting in the gallery below. If you hope over to our Canon 6D Mark II Review Sample Images Flickr album you can view the images at full resolution and even download them if you like.

You’ll see that at 100% there’s a good level of detail and even the fine texture of cloth or hair can be distinguished in many cases. It even copes well where there patterns become more complex, for example where fabric bends or folds.

Interestingly, these areas actually look a little better in the jpegs straight from the camera than they do from the raw files as luminance noise becomes a little more evident in the raw files in these areas at 100%.

The night time and low light conditions of the festival are a good test of the Canon 6D Mark II’s dynamic range.

So far I haven’t had the opportunity to investigate this properly as I’m focusing on getting the shots right now, but it’s an area I’m going to investigate carefully. I’ll also be pushing the sensitivity levels higher.

I’ll add more images to this gallery over the coming days, so check back to see the updates.

Canon 6D Mark II Review Sample Images

Canon 6D Mark II Sample Images
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Canon 6D Mark II Sample Images
Canon’s latest full-frame camera arrived just in time for us to take it to the photo pit of a festival. This article has a gallery of some of our first Canon 6D Mark II sample images.
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