Canon shows off 360, AI-driven concept cameras at The Photography Show 2018

Canon shows off 360, AI-driven concept cameras at The Photography Show 2018

Canon has showed us two concept cameras at The Photography Show 2018, one that is a wearable camera with 360-degree movement that’s driven by artificial intelligence to recognise interesting scenes from your daily life and take photos, and another modular-style camera.

The Canon concept cameras have no official release date as yet but are being displayed at The Photography Show 2018 to gather feedback from the public on whether to bring them to market, Canon tells us.

The first Canon concept camera looks a little like the Samsung Gear 360 but operates like Google Clips. The camera boasts a lens and sensor that sit on a moveable platform within the camera and enable the lens to move 360 degrees.

Concept cameras have never been seen in the UK, but no guarantees they’ll be brough to market. It’s a fully automatic camera (though you can take control to press the shutter) which moves around and tracks subjects. It’s always looking and uses artificial intelligence to recognise good scenes, then take a photo.

Canon tells us to image you were taking it on a picnic. The Canon 360 concept camera might sit on the basket and you wouldn’t touch it. You’d have your meal, the kids will play and all this time it will be taking photos.

The Canon 360 concept also offers different mounts for different uses, even wearing it. For instance, if you were a wedding photographer you might mount the 360 concept on to the hotshoe of your primary camera and use it to take candid photos while you were shooting some of the other shots on your list. In other words, it could give you extra images to choose from.

The second Canon concept camera is a modular style device. The model Canon showed us has a sort of loupe that mounts to the back and serves as a viewfinder, but Canon tells us it could have other types of accessories that mount to the back.

What’s more, you can use it on its own or it has an adapter to mount to your smartphone. Inside is a 100-400mm lens, as well as image stabilisation. Underneath is a stand for remote shooting.

Canon says it isn’t yet sure, though, what size of sensor it would house. You can see both cameras in our video below shot on the Canon stand.

We’ll bring you more as we learn about these concepts, which hopefully become a reality.